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Forest City has the most advanced Industrialized building system (IBS), IBS Industrial Park and the largest monomer plant production capacity in Malaysia. Partner with us today.

It is widely known that the earthworks for Forest City’s artificial islands began going in 2014 without the legally mandated Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (DEIA). While a tiny portion of members of the local community were contacted to fill out questionnaires at that time but the majority were left in the dark regarding the commencement of reclamation work.

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So was Singapore. It was only after the city-state expressed it’s concerns with the Malaysian government over the potential impacts of the reclamation projects that action was taken. CGPV had to temporarily reverse course and give the DEIA in some way in line with.

The area most directly affected by the ongoing reclamation work will be one of the meadows that is directly affected by reclamation work: Tanjung Kupang intertidal seagrass meadow which is which is the most extensive of their kind within Malaysia. It is located just 200 metres away from the beach in Forest City’s manicured It covers an 36 square kilometers, and must accommodate an ever invading neighbour.

Experts acknowledge that seagrass meadows can be crucial indicators of a coastline’s health. If protected, they may include one of the largest diversity of marine life, however they also are extremely fragile ecosystems, subject to enormous pressure by developments along the waterfront like Forest City.

As part of its reclamation efforts, CGPV has extended a long causeway to the sea and that newly reclaimed causeway cut across the grass meadow which could alter the currents and threaten the rich biodiversity of the ecosystem.